Club Information

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board:  Courtney Reijo

Events Coordinator:  Michelle Jones

Director of Marketing and PR:  Ryan Dunleavy

Treasurer:  Chris Clark

Northside Course Maintenance Director:  Gene Stuckey

Jonesville Course Maintenance Director:  Allen Shorter

Player Representative:  Matt Mollet

Senior Consultant/Course Pro:  Evan Gurthie

Club Contact Info


Club Facebook Page:  Gainesville Chain Hawks

Women Disc Golfer Page:  Gainesville Lady Chain Hawks

Club Disc Finder Facebook Page:  Lost and Found Discs

Twitter:  @chainhawks

The Gainesville Sun published an article about the Chain Hawks on May 19th, 2016.  Check it out here.

Check out this video about the club and Northside Park created by Thomas Boggs and Rachel Duncan.

Chain Hawk Membership

Become a Chain Hawk member today!  Membership fees cover your customized club shirt and/or club leather tag (Note: Leather club tags are different from wooden challenge tags) and are used for course improvements, support of local charities/causes, and allow the club to run events!

Beyond supporting course improvements and public events, a club membership entitles you to:

  • Custom dryfit or cotton shirt
  • Customized leather bag tag (customized with you name and club member # if you join/renew by given deadline)
  • Discounted club disc prices
  • A vote during club elections and meetings
  • Run for office during club elections
  • Increased ace fund payout
  • Additional member only prizes during some events
  • Take part in Member Appreciation events
  • Support the club that supports Gainesville disc golf!

Membership is effective for a one-year period starting in February and ending in January. Memberships paid in October or later will roll over to next year.  Cost of memberships vary if you are a first-time member vs. renewing member and if you would like a club shirt.  Thank you to Paragon Disc Golf for continuing to provide the club with quality shirts!

To become a member today, sign up online:
Online Membership Registration


Print and complete this form and return to Courtney Reijo:
2017 Chain Hawk membership form

2016 Club shirts_Courtney Reijo

2016 Chain Hawk ladies dry fit shirt (front and back) and customized leather tag (top left). Photo courtesy of Courtney Reijo.

2017 tshirt1

2017 Chain Hawk Membership shirt.

Club Meetings

Last Meeting Date: Sunday, March 12th, 2017 at Northside Park
Next Meeting Date: TBD

Previous Meeting Minutes:

Public Meeting Minutes_7-30-2017
Public Meeting Minutes_3-12-2017
Public Meeting Minutes_1-29-2017
Public Meeting Minutes_1-8-2017
Public Meeting Minutes_10-9-2016
Public Meeting Minutes_8-14-2016
Public Meeting Minutes – 7-24-2016
Public Meeting Minutes – 4-24-2016
Public Meeting Minutes_10-4-2015
Public Meeting Minutes_1-3-2015
Public Meeting Minutes_9-28-2014
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes_9-11-14

Previous Meeting Agendas:

Public Meeting Agenda_9-17-2017
Public Meeting Agenda_7-30-2017
Public Meeting Agenda_3-12-2017
Public Meeting Agenda 1-29-2017
Public Meeting Agenda_1-8-2017
Public Meeting Agenda_10-9-2016
Public Meeting Agenda_8-14-2016
Public Meeting Agenda_4-24-2016
Public Meeting Agenda_10-4-2015
Public Meeting Agenda_4-26-2015
Public Meeting Agenda_9-28-2014
BoD Meeting Agenda_9-11-14
BoD Meeting Agenda_8-20-14

Current Members

    #      Name         

3 Tyler Kvols-Riedler
4 Jeff Wright
10 Tim Brooks
18 Matt Tittle
20 Joe Doyle
21 Murray Eiland
33 Crystal Taylor
36 Evan Gurthie
39 Bradley Miller
43 Joshua Lynch
44 Iaon Cottrell
54 Tony Pessina
55 Charlie Booras
62 Rita Lara
67 Noel Smith
73 Joey Van Duzee
78 John Dew
83 Adam Rogers
84 Laurie Shack
88 Brian Thornton
90 Rustin Taylor
105 Christian Benway
107 Cody McLaughlin
113 Brandi Sadler
114 Chris Adams
118 Garrett Neely
127 James Wynn
129 James Luppino
130 Murray Zolt
131 Patrick Mooneyhan
142 Brandon Gurley
143 Matt Mollet
144 Courtney Reijo
150 Clay Jones
151 Michelle Jones
153 Ron Bryant
155 Jamie Weissleder
156 John Weissleder
166 Patrick Gurley
169 Kenny Toops
170 Gene Stuckey
172 Kendall Pauley
175 Jonathan Williams
178 Marcus Laspeyre
179 Chris Clark
181 Kris Vitt
185 Allison Vitt
187 Dave Baker
190 David Williams
192 Eddie Faulkner
193 Kyle Vickroy
194 Kyle Cannon
201 Shawn Gildersleeve
202 Joshua Mollica
204 Ian Ryals
205 Alta Johnson
207 Anthony Anderson
208 Jason Cline
210 Jon Thomas
211 Allen Shorter
214 Evan Johnson
216 Ryan Dunleavy
219 Jason Willard
220 Brandon Coughlin
221 Mike Kisor
222 Tom Cornwell
223 Doug Lee-Sharpe
224 Bill Burbage
225 Zach Munsey
226 Brian Wingender
227 Monica White
228 Ben Raulerson
229 Billy Hasson
230 Jason Evans
231 Keith Leahy
232 Harry Drake
233 Elliot Gurley
234 Caitlin Willard
235 Bart Seigler
236 Kevin Terry
237 Jeff Martin
238 Justin Whatley
239 Adam Haney
240 Alycia Rivet
241 Patrick Aguilar
242 Tyler Dahl
243 Zach Kline
244 Matthew Hampton
245 Ken Bess
246 Danielle Payne
247 Brian Nicholas
248 Ryan Earls
249 Dean Chance
250 Dom Guzzo-Diaz
251 James Brown
252 Daniel Mathia
253 Scott Coleman
254 Mark S. Barnett
255 Todd Piper

Club Documents

The Chain Hawks is governed by its Articles of Organization which outline the purpose and structure of the club.  Last updated January 8th, 2017.

Gainesville Chain Hawks DGC_Articles of Organization_9-17-2017

Every Chain Hawk member receives a “club member number” when they join.  Here is the full list of past and present members.

All Chain Hawk Members since inception

Check out the Events section to learn more about our weekly/monthly/annual events and find out what other activities and contributions members have made from September 2014 to March 2017.

Chain Hawk Club Activities History_12-14-2017