Use this page to find out how to buy new or used discs in Gainesville and what types of discs major companies offer.

Want to buy used discs?

In Gainesville, there are several ways to buy used discs:

  1. The Chain Hawks currently have an inventory of used/donated discs that are available to purchase!  All profits benefit the club and their charity partnerships.
  2. Used discs can also be purchased at Play it Again Sports located at the intersection of University Ave and 34th Street in Gainesville.
  3. Also, feel free to use the Chain Hawks Trader Facebook page! Many people are willing to sell, trade, and give away their used discs!

Want to buy new discs?

If you are wanting to buy new discs, there are several places to check out in Gainesville.

  1. The Chain Hawks have a club stock of discs from companies including Innova, Dynamic Discs, Westside, and Latitude 64.Custom Discs
  2. A couple club members are sponsored pro players and have discs to sell through Prodiscus and Latitude64.  Contact us to find out more!
  3. Check out these businesses which often carry some stock:
    1. Pat’s Kwik Stop – 4909 NW 34th St, Gainesville, FL 32605
    2. Dick’s Sporting Goods
    3. Walgreens on 13th Street
    4. Lloyd Clarke Sports
    5. Ace Hardware, Milhopper Shopping Center
    6. Ace Hardware, Jonesville
    7. Ace Hardware, University
    8. Walmart, 2900 SW 42nd Street
    9. Smoke City, 2120 SW 34th Street


Disc Companies

Find out more about the specific types of discs each of these companies offer: