Lost & Found

Found A Disc? Return it to a Drop Box!

The Chain Hawks maintain a lost and found disc drop box at Northside Park, attached to the kiosk near Hole 1, and Jonesville Park which is attached to the pavilion near Hole 1 .  Please return any found discs here and the club will return it to its owner.

Northside Park lost and found box contacts:  Chris Clark and Gene Stuckey

Jonesville Park lost and found contact:  Allen Shorter

Post lost or found discs on the designated Chain Hawks Disc Finder page on Facebook.

Lost and Found box

Lost and Found disc box at Northside Park.  Thank you to club members Josh Lynch, Matt Mollet, and Robert O’Neail for making and installing Northside’s lost and found box!  Photo courtesy of Courtney Reijo.


Lost and Found disc box at Jonesville Park.  Thank you to Josh Lynch for his craftsmanship and to Tony Pessina for the installation of the box!  Photo courtesy of Tony Pessina

Lost a Disc? Check the Disc Finder Facebook Group!

If you’ve lost a disc please post information about the disc to the designated facebook group: Chain Hawks Disc Finder

When posting about a lost disc, please provide as much detail as possible. Things to consider including to increase the possibility of your disc being returned:

  • The course, hole, and general area the disc was lost.
  • The brand, disc name, and color.
  • Any symbols or contact info markings.

If you do not have any contact information on an available returned disc but wish to claim one from the lost and found you may be asked to provide specific information about color, stamps, or marks in order to claim it for return.


Club Guidelines For Returned Discs

The club will make all reasonable efforts to return lost discs to their owners.

  • Any contact information on the disc will be called/texted
  • PDGA numbers will be looked up and players contacted via facebook
  • All returned discs will be posted to the Chain Hawk Disc Finder facebook group
  • All discs will be inventoried and publicly available to interested parties
  • Visiting out of town players can arrange for their discs to be mailed to them

If a disc remains unclaimed for 30 days it will be either sold or donated to beginners.
Any profits will be go to the Chain Hawks Disc Golf Club general fund.