Northside Park

Course Details

Course Type: Permanent
Year Established: 1982. The oldest standing disc golf course in the state of Florida!
Designers and Developers: Tom Monroe, Shawn Harrigan, Tim Brooks, Jeff Wright, Matt Tittle
Holes: 20
Course Length: 4406-5863 ft
Par: 60
Tee Type: Concrete
Basket Type: Mach 3

Northside_by Eddie Faulkner

Northside Park sunset.  Photo courtesy of Edward Faulkner.

Northside Cody throwing_by Courtney Reijo

Club member Cody McLaughlin driving on Hole #12 at Northside Park.  Photo courtesy of Courtney Reijo.


Address: 5751 NW 34th Street, Gainesville, FL 32601
Latitude/Longitude: 29.707719,-82.353200

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Course Map


Northside Tee Signs

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Recent Course Improvements

The Chain Hawks maintain its courses through volunteer stewardship. Beyond ongoing maintenance and changing basket positions monthly, additions and improvements to Northside include:

  • Addition of Lost and Found box at front kiosk
  • Addition of free scorecards on kiosk
  • Installment of short pad benches on Holes #2, #3, #7, #13, #16, #17
  • Installment of directional tape on baskets
  • Concrete pads installed on short pad #6 and #14 and on holes #19 and #20.
  • Installation of new permanent tee signs
  • Planting of 20 trees
  • Installing six planters next to tee pads on Holes #1, #3, #8, #10, #12, #17
  • The Chain Hawks were recognized for putting in over 800 volunteer hours into Northside Park in 2017!

Thank you to Gene Stuckey for the countless hours he’s put into course maintenance at Northside as well as to the City of Gainesville Parks and Recreation Department for there continued partnership with the Chain Hawks!

Hole2 shortpad bench_Courtney Reijo.jpg

Short pad bench on Hole #2.  Built/installed by Shawn Harrigan and Jonathan Williams.  Photo courtesy of Courtney Reijo.

Hole3 shortpad bench_Courtney Reijo.jpg

Short pad bench on Hole #3.  Built/installed by Shawn Harrigan and Jonathan Williams.  Photo courtesy of Courtney Reijo.

Hole7 shortpad bench_by Courtney Reijo.jpg

Short pad bench on Hole #7.  Photo courtesy of Courtney Reijo.

Arrow Installation_by Courtney Reijo.jpg

Directional arrows and basket flags have been installed on all holes at Northside.

Disc Golf Survey

Thanks to club member, Murray Zolt, and Player Representative, Matt Mollet, the Chain Hawks have survey data that span from 2015 to 2017 and show the number of disc golfers who played Northside within a day, as well as the demographics of those players. In 2015, there were 98 people who played the course within a day and in 2016, 117 disc golfers were surveyed.  In April of 2017, the survey showed 137 disc golfers played Northside within one day!

new_age rangesnew_summary


Highlights of the 2017 survey included:


  • 137 people were surveyed
  • Total number of people increased by 17.09% from 2016
  • 21% of people were current Chain Hawk members
    • Club members, on average, play 3.81 rounds per week
    • Non-club members, on average, play 1.5 rounds per week
  • 67% of people lived within Gainesville city limits
  • 8 people were out-of-state residents
  • Distribution across age groups was same as 2016
  • Continued increase in % female players between years
  • Large variation in how long people have been playing disc golf – ranged from first time players to people who have been playing for 33 years.
  • 48% of people had been playing for a year or less:
    • 13 people were playing disc golf for their first time (2 for the second day)
    • 12 people had been playing for 1-6 months
    • 23 people had been playing for one year


Highlights of the 2018 survey included:

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Disc Golf Course Review

Northside Park at Disc Golf Course Review